Fix Bent Tracks

Garage door track replacement typically takes an hour, and we can usually have a technician at the job site within a day of scheduling with us.

There is no garage door issue more disruptive than bent tracks. Over time and repeated use, even the sturdiest metal tracks will inevitably warp under pressure. Homeowners suffer as kinked tracks strike.

Distorted tracks breed a host of problems. Door movement grows inconsistent, sticking and grinding with each cycle. Operation becomes noisier, jerkier and uses more energy. But more serious is the risk to safety – skewed tracks jeopardize sensitive balancing functions.

Homeowners have endured the frustration for too long. A comprehensive repair is needed but takes expertise. Minor bends may only require prying back into shape. Severely warped tracks demand full replacement using durable, commercial-grade metal.

Quality repairs can restore smooth functionality. But the process must be handled with precision and skill. An experienced technician can typically complete the job within an hour once on site.

Homeowners seeking relief from bent track woes deserve a trustworthy and proven solution. For garage door emergency or maintenance, rely on our qualified specialists to remedy the problem efficiently and effectively.